How to Clean Golf Clubs, the basics

Need to Know How to Clean Golf Clubs?

Here it is the definitive guide how to clean golf clubs! There is no job a golfer hates more than cleaning their clubs. Unfortunately there is no more important job for a golfer looking to maintain power and control on the golf course.

There is nothing worse than after a nightmare over 18 holes you get home with dirty golf clubs. Golf clubs covered in half the fairway, a lump of mud and a beaches worth of sand. So what do you do; get down to cleaning your clubs ready for next week or dump them back in the garage? You have every intention of cleaning them before your next round but guess what…you never had time.

how to clean golf clubsSo this is what you should do!

Out comes your trusty club brush and start working away the large particles of grass, mud and sand. Make sure you work into the grooves. Don’t scrub too much as these kind of metal brushes can seriously damage the smooth areas of the your club, between the grooves. This will put an uneven level of contact with the ball reducing control.

how to clean golf clubsWhen you have removed all the surface dirt it is time to start working on the ground in and deep dirt, between the grooves. Here you will need a bucket of warm soapy water and a plastic brush. Submerge the club in the water and scrub away the dirt. Make sure you get into all the grooves as any particles left here will serious impact your ball control.

You can also use the bucket and brush to start to work on the grip as these often get overlooked when cleaning golf clubs. These pick up dirt a grease from your hands and remove that tacky feel. Without this additional grip you start to hold the club too tightly and again lose control. But be careful don’t scrub too hard as you can damage the surface of the grip making it more difficult to hold.

Then repeat up to 14 times!

Or here is the quick way how to clean golf clubs

Of course there is an easier way! Checkout our video below to see how easy it is to clean a full set of golf clubs, including the grips, in just minutes:

It is really that easy: Put them in, turn it on, turn them round. Checkout our range of golf club cleaners here.

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